Here you will find intriguing selection of unique treats for you and your favourite creatures...

Hi, I'm Chloe,

I am self taught with a history in art and design. In the past I've worked with stained glass, pottery, interior design and painting . I've been hand crafting bears and dolls (Fabric Artist) for 17 years , in which time I designed for a large bear company and sold my bears in Harrods, London, England.

I live with husband, teenage daughter (who is following in my footsteps with art and creating works of her own), 5 year old twins, 3 batty dogs, 22 chickens and a pet granfy cruger! Ha ha

I opened my shop 11 years ago in the town of Glastonbury, located in the English county of Somerset. I have moved premises a few times to settle in a beautiful Georgian building where I am now - famous for its window shutter graffiti by a local artist Tom Elswood.

I chose the name 'The Magpie's Nest' as I have always had a fascination with birds - since I was a child. In fact, anything with wings (butterflies, moths, bats etc). The Magpie itself because they are beautiful, intelligent, wise and love pretty things. I have also always rooted for the underdog and magpies get bad press sometimes because of the old rhyme "One for Sorrow".  My mum and Dad have always said I was like a magpie as a child with my collections of sticks stones and leaves etc.

My favourite part of having the shop is sourcing beautiful things for my customers to WOW over!! 

Kind regards

Chloe Summerville